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Thornhill Woods Places of Worship

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Hi everyone,
I really like the sense of community on this site with all the helpful questions and answers!
Thank you Michael for building this site and sense of community for everyone in the Thornhill woods area. :)
I was wondering if you had any information about places of worship in the Thornhill woods area?
I think that this is something that most people would like to know, especially since most communities are becoming more and more diverse.
What are some of the different temples, synagogues, mosques or churches in the area that people can go to in order to practice their faith?
Thank you.


By Michael Steinman
Thanks for the question!  There are a number of places in the general area of Thornhill Woods. Some of these places are right in Thornhill Woods while others are a short drive away.  I know that within the area there are a number of small synagogues as well as a church which is close to Langstaff and Hwy 7.
There is also a large mosque which can be accessed from within Thornhill Woods on Ner Israel drive. If you are looking for something specific, I would try searching on google to see what is close by.
Hope this helps!
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last year
This has been very helpful, yes! Thank you so much for getting back to me!

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