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Hi Michael,
I love how interactive this site is regarding questions and inquiries about the Thornhill Woods community and about the real estate opportunities available. Thank you for taking the time to answer everyone's questions! 
I was wondering if there was any update regarding the "Preserve Thornhill woods" campaign?
How will this affect the future of the area and do you think any more homes will be built?
I have no idea if any of this really matters when it comes to the value of homes but I just thought I'd ask just to know, and to get an update on the whole thing.
Thank you! 


By Michael Steinman
Thank you for the feedback on this site. It is great to know that people are finding it helpful! 
There is no recent update as to the ongoings of the Jaffari Centre and their propsal.  If you want to get updates as they are made available, you can visit and add your email address to their list.
In terms of its affect on property values, I do not believe that this on-going issue will have any negative affects on the property values in Thorhill Woods.The information about this development has been in the public sphere for over 2 years now and the values in Thornhill Woods continue to increase so I really don't see this having any negative affects going forward.
At this time, there are no new houses being built in Thornhill Woods, other than the 14 homes that are being built on Thornhill Woods drive, but this small project is long sold out.
I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for reaching out
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last year
very interesting, i believe this is something that is on a lot of peoples minds. Thank you for sharing!

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    Thank you Michael for all your real estate advice about the Thornhill Woods area!

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