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Dog Parks in Thornhill Woods?

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Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone knows of any dog parks in the Thornhill Woods area or nearby? I am interested in learning more about the area and finding a dog park would be awesome!


By Michael Steinman
There are many parks right in Thornhill Woods, but from what I know most of them if not all of them are not considered to be off-leash dog parks.  There are a few walking trails within the area as well which would be great for dogs so you could check those out too.
If you are willing to take a short drive, there is an off leash dog park at 299 Racco Pkwy which is just south of Thornhill Woods off of Dufferin street.
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this is something I was wondering myself, I have always been more of a cat person, hence the name, but I was thinking of getting a puppy soon and the option of having a dog park in the Thornhill woods area is super important. Thanks for the info

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