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Congratulations Michael Steinman - Number 1 Agent Award at Forest Hill Real Estate and Brokerage

Congratulations Michael Steinman - Number 1 Agent Award at Forest Hill Real Estate and Brokerage

Number 1 Agent Award at Forest Hill Real Estate and Brokerage   Hi Michael!    I was browsing through Facebook and came across this post about Forest Hill Vaughan's Annual Holiday & ...AnswerHi,    Yes, the party was last week and I was given the award as the top selling agent at Forest Hill Vaughan office. It was the second year in a row I received the award.  It is truly an ...

Thornhill Woods school reviews

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Hi Michael, Do you know how the three public schools in the woods compare with each other? Is one better than another?    ThanksAnswerHi Selma   It really depends on what you are using to determine which one is the best. There are a number of websites that rank the schools in Ontario based on different metrics. I can tell you that ...

High Rise in Thornhill Woods

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Hi Michael is there any update with regards to the planned high rise build in Thornhill woods? do you think if it does go through that it will affect real estate prices positively or negatively? thank ...AnswerHi,   There hasn't been any new developments recently that have been disclosed to the public. It is hard to say what if any impact the project will have on real estate in the area as no one really ...

Thornhill Woods homes for under a million

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Seems like every detached house in Thornhill Woods and even Thornhill is going for north of 1 million dollars these days. What can one get for under a mill? anything?? do you think these prices are crazy ...AnswerHi Ricardo   Yes, this is the market we are in. Both one-car garage and two-car garage detached homes in the area are selling for over a million dollars, I would even say easily  over 1.1 million. ...

best sushi in Thornhill Woods

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Hi Michael thanks again for helping us buy our new home in Thornhiil Woods. Where is the best Sushi place in the area? looking for suggestions, thanks! AnswerHi Barry,   It was a pleasure working with you! While I am quite knowledgeable in real estate, I do not have the same expertise when it comes to sushi restaurants!  My favourite one is called ...

inflated home values in the woods

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Is there a rough % drop in the cost of home just on the other side (west) of Dufferin? Seems as though these days the prices which houses are selling for in the woods is getting crazy. I have heard townhouses ...AnswerHi Dave,   I believe the area you are talking about is Dufferin Hill. In the past there used to be a noticeable difference in the prices of homes in that area when compared to the ones in Thornhill ...

Best home upgrades to add resale value

fb465-10153835978497146.jpgBy Meister0 comments
Hi Michael, We are in Thornhill Woods and we want to start doing some renovations. What are typically the best parts of a house to renovate both inside and outside that would translate into re-sale va ...AnswerHi Dave,    Thank you for reaching out! There are two ways to look at this question. Some people only want to do renovations for the purpose of resale value while others want to do it just for ...

Home prices in Thornhill Woods

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Is there an end in sight....or at least any slowing down? It seems the prices in Thornhill Woods are getting astronomical? We would love to sell our Thornhill Woods home to get a slightly bigger house ...AnswerIn short, the answer is no. The prices are insane but there is nothing that I can see which would bring about a correction to the market in the near future. As long as rates stay low and foreign investment ...

Why are homes in Thornhill Woods so expensive

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Don't get me wrong I love the Thornhill Woods Neighbourhood and all that it has to offer but it does seem with recent sales that we are in quite a real estate bubble. The house pricing in the woods seems ...AnswerHi Randy,   There is no question that these prices have made it difficult for first time home buyers and young families to enter the market. You need to realize that this not just an issue in Thornhill ...

Thornhill Woods home with a pool

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We are thinking about building a pool in our backyard in our Thornhill Woods house. In your experience, down the road, when it comes to selling our house, will the money we invest in building the pool ...AnswerHi Liam,   That is a great question. The first thing to consider is the size of your lot. In Thornhill Woods most lots are no deeper than 100 ft. While it is possible to fit a pool on this lot, in ...

Future Developments in Thornhill Woods

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Are there any more future planned developments in Thornhill Woods either residential new home construction, new parks, schools or condos coming up?AnswerHi Robert,    As of right now there is nothing else planned for Thornhill Woods. The last new home development was on Thornhill Woods Drive just north of Summeridge on the east side. There are ...

Multiple Offers in Thornhill Woods

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Seems as though every house for sale in Thornhill Woods these days gets sold really quickly through multiple offers and for over asking? Is this the new norm for our neighbourhood or just a function of ...AnswerHi Meister,   You aren't the first person to ask this question. A lot of people think that all these houses that are being sold "over asking price" means the homes are being sold above market value. ...

Thornhill Woods Real Estate Agent

Thornhill Woods Real Estate Agent Hi Micheal, I am looking to begin the home buying process and was wondering what some of the first steps are that I need to take before reaching out to a real ...AnswerHi Ms Campbell,    These are great questions that people don't often consider before calling an agent!  One of the first things you should do is narrow down an area you want to look in, ...

How does the rewards program work?

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Hi Michael, Thanks again for answering my previous question about places of worship in Thornhill Woods, it was very helpful!  I am just reaching out again because I just noticed that ...AnswerHi Rachel,    That is a great question!  Think of my rewardz page as a social media platform where people can interact with me and in the process collect points which can be redeemed for ...


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